With the high volume of the work force spending more and more time using computers, Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) has become very common in the wrists.

Repetitive Strain Injury can be treated safely and reduces swelling and pain immediately with the use of Laser Treatment from The Laser Centre.

Benefits of laser treatment for RSI

  • Safe procedure
  • Reduces swelling and pain
  • Reduces the dependence on medication
  • Improves Condition Immediately
  • Allows patient to perform tasks previously incongruent with medical therapy

Who's affected?

Anyone whose job or hobby involves repetitive movements is at risk of RSI. This risk is increased by spending long periods without a break, sitting on an uncomfortable seat, at a poorly arranged workstation. At work, the computer keyboard and mouse are often responsible for RSI. Home computers, video games and text messaging also increase the risk. Workers on factory assembly lines, musicians, dressmakers and cleaners are also more likely to develop RSI.


Can it be prevented?

You can reduce your risk of RSI by warming up and cooling down the muscles used, taking regular breaks throughout the day, having an appropriate workstation and seating position, and practising relaxation.


Combine Light and Cold
Cyrotherapy can be used in combination with Laser Therapy to prevent injuries and recover from injuries. Go to the CryoTherapy page for more information on The Power of Cold >>

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The Power of cold at The Laser Centre

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