Therapeutic Laser Therapy is simple and painless. Looking much like a flashlight, the probe is held close to the skin on the area being treated. The doctor will apply light to firm pressure to the area to improve the penetration of the energy.

The Therapeutic Laser is applied for a specific period of time to deliver the proper amount of laser energy. This will depend on the patient’s specific condition being treated. Treatment times vary based upon the size of the area and the predetermined depth of the therapy. Most treatments take 10 – 20 minutes.


Benefits of laser therapy:

  • Non-Invasive
  • Safe
  • Swelling and pain relief
  • Reduces dependence on medication
  • Improves condition
  • Allows patient to perform tasks previously incongruent with medical therapy

Combining laser therapy and CryoTherapy, is the latest treatment combination from The Laser Centre. Harnessing the power of light and the power of cold will increase blood circulation resulting in reduced inflammation and pain.

Combine Light and Cold
Cyrotherapy can be used in combination with Laser Therapy to prevent injuries and recover from injuries. Go to the CryoTherapy page for more information on The Power of Cold >>





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The Power of cold at The Laser Centre

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