The following publications have been contributed to and/or released by Paddy Leahy M.Ch.FRCSI from The Laser Centre.





Third International Meeting November 8-10, 1992

Fourth International Meeting November 10-12, 1991


Additional International publications:

  • "The effect of cholesterol on red blood cells", P.F. Leahy; NSMJ 68(1989):3/4:89-91;78
  • "Endoscopic dilation of benign esophageal stricture", P.F Leahy; NSMJ 68(1989):2:49-50
  • "Modified technique for abdominal hysterectomy", P.F Leahy; NSMJ 68(1989):5:127-128
  • "Operative pelvioscopy in a peripheral hospital", P.F. Leahy; NSMJ 68(1989):5:129-130
  • "An unusual case of obturator hernia", P.F. Leahy; NSMJ 68(1989):2:51-52




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