When a toenail is ingrown, the sides of the nail curl down and dig into the skin, causing swelling, pain and redness. Now at the Laser Centre, this can be corrected painlessly.

What are the causes of ingrown toenails?

  • Family history of ingrown toenails
  • Improperly trimmed toenails
  • Shoes that are too tight, causing pressure to the sides of the nail making it curl into the skin
  • Nails that are peeled off at the edge or trimmed down at the corners can often become ingrown
  • Injury/trauma to the nail
  • Fungus nail infection

How do you avoid ingrown toenails?

To avoid ingrown toenails, you should cut your nails straight across. The top of the nail should make a straight line. Keep your feet clean and dry

Why Laser treatment?

  • Avoids anaesthesia
  • Relatively painless
  • Fast return to normal activities, in most cases back to work on the same day
  • Low recurrence rate

What does the treatment involve?

After spraying a quick freeze onto the skin, the portion of the nail that has grown into the skin is removed, the laser is the used to sterilize the nail root. The laser allows precise sterilization of the nail root with a minimum of discomfort. The whole procedure takes 15 to 20 minutes.



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