Remember the time when your skin was smooth and supple? In your youth you could not imagine what a toll the effects of time, sun exposure and toxins in the air would take on your skin. Modern technology offers a way to reverse years of damage. Laser resurfacing is a procedure that promotes healthy new skin. Enjoy fresh, smooth skin!

Wrinkle removal

Wrinkles are one of the signs of the aging process. There are many things that can accelerate the appearance of wrinkles. Excessive exposure to the sun, frequent visits to tanning salons or smoking cigarettes can all speed up this process. Usually, the dermis' elasticity (thanks to fibres called elastin that keep the skin looking and feeling young) prevents wrinkles from appearing. The production of collagen also stops wrinkles. Over time, the dermis loses both collagen and elastin, leaving the skin thinner and more prone to wrinkles. The fat in the subcutaneous layer that gives skin a plump appearance also begins to disappear, the epidermis starts to sag, and wrinkles form. At The Laser Centre, the treatment procedure has been revolutionised as a result of the use of state-of-the-art laser technology. These lasers delicately peel off damaged skin to the exact depth and width required, allowing the surgeon to focus on a single wrinkle if desired. With absolute precision, the laser vaporises the wrinkle, leaving a smoother, healthier and younger-looking skin complexion. Patients do not require an anaesthetic or post-procedural pain medication.

What will I look and feel like afterwards?

Because every individual patient varies in degree of swelling and healing, there is no exact answer. However, we can offer a general outline of expectations.

  • If there is going to be swelling, it will usually occur within the first week and begin to subside. Resting with the head elevated and applying a cold compress will help minimise these conditions. Your Physician will prescribe medication to control any discomfort.
  • You may be asked to wear a facial garment, wrap or a protective layer of ointment over the treatment areas.
  • Within the first two weeks, your skin will begin to fade from red to pink and will continually lighten over a period of several months. You may resume normal activities but you must avoid sun exposure.
  • As time passes, you will see the smoother, more youthful skin reveal itself and your skin will feel better and look refreshed.
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What kind of follow up care will I need?

You will return to The Laser Centre almost immediately and then periodically to monitor your progress over the next few months. The post operative time is crucial for the long term effectiveness of your procedure. It is very important to attend these visits to be certain you are caring for your delicate facial skin properly.

How long will my results last?

While Laser treatments are considered to be long lasting, they are not permanent. Natural expressions that use specific facial muscles may cause some wrinkles called "expression lines" to reappear. You can help maintain your new look by carefully following the instructions of The Laser Centre on skin care and avoid sun exposure.

What risks are involved?

Laser Resurfacing is a safe procedure that is performed on thousands of men and women each year with no major complications. As with any laser procedure, there are some specific risks which will be detailed in full during your personal consultation.


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