Dermal fillers are used to fill or replace the lost volume in static wrinkles, lines and folds. Unlike muscle relaxant injections, they do not affect facial muscle contraction. Generally, dermal fillers are used for the treatment of wrinkles, lines, and folds that appear when relaxed, rather than those that appear when you make a facial expression. Wrinkles due to facial expression are best treated with muscle relaxant injections. Loss of volume to the face is one of the key factors in the aging process, and dermal fillers can help to replenish this lost volume and rejuvenate the face.
Dermal fillers can also be used to enhance lips, and to help shape the face by injecting into the cheeks, chin, and nose.

How long will the filler last?

The results can last from three months to five years, depending on the filler being used. Collagen provides the shortest duration with effects lasting anywhere from three to six months. Restylane tends to last a bit longer with effects lasting from six months to one year. Radiesse can provide results that last greater than 3 years.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

Dermal Filler treatment usually takes 30 minutes, depending on the number of areas being treated. A non-invasive procedure, dermal fillers do not require a local anesthesia. There is no downtime, so, following treatment, you will be able to resume your normal daily activities.

What Are the Side Effects?

There may be some slight redness at the site of injection following your treatment. Redness generally disappears after 24 hours. In some cases, there have been reports of temporary swelling or bruising, but it is not common. Other less likely possible side effects include: an allergic reaction (if an allergy test is performed, then this isn't an issue), itching, abscesses, open sores, peeling, scarring and lumpiness.



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