The Bode Oxyjet Energising Facial from the Laser Centre is proven to re-energise the face, giving a healthy radiant look and firmer feel to the skin. New life is breathed into the skin giving a fresh, youthful look to face and d�collet�

How does it work?

The O2 Oxyjet uses an oxygen pressure applicator to "inject" pure oxygen and special cosmetic formations into the deep layers of the epidermis - without needles. The epidermis is where cell division, allergic reactions and skin colouring melanin processes occur. To grow healthy new skin and supply nutrients such as glucose, amino acids and fatty acids that feed the skin, the epidermis needs oxygen. If there's no oxygen, the skin can not function properly.


Age Correction Treatment

The Oxylift Age Correction Treatment is scientifically proven to lift fine lines and wrinkles, giving a fresh, youthful look to the face and neck, without resorting to painful needles or expensive surgery.

Anti Acne Treatment

The Oxylift Anti Acne Treatment is a new exciting skin rejuvenation system that dramatically reduces acne and acne scarring, giving a clear fresh look to the face or body.

Anti Pigmentation Treatment

Scientifically proven to be the most effective way of diminishing age spots and pigmentation disorders caused by over exposure to the sun, The Oxylift Anti Pigmentation Treatment diminishes pigmentation problems without the use of bleaching agents or harsh chemicals. Once over stimulation of melanin production in the skin has occurred, the skin begins to lose its even skin tone and flawless appearance.

Scar Reduction Treatment

The Oxylift Scar Reduction Treatment is proven to be the most effective way of diminishing scars, including stretch marks.

Combine Light and Cold
Cyrotherapy can be used in combination with Laser Therapy to prevent injuries and recover from injuries. Go to the CryoTherapy page for more information on The Power of Cold >>

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The Power of cold at The Laser Centre

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