The Evolution of Minimally Invasive Laser Surgery

In 1987 a pioneering surgeon from The Laser Centre developed Keyhole surgery or laparoscopic surgery in Canada and the USA.

The approach to using less invasive techniques to perform Hernia repair, Gallbladder surgery, Hiatus Hernia and Anti-Reflux surgery was initially met with scepticism.

By 1989, all of this changed, Laparoscopic surgery became one of  the greatest evolutions in modern day surgery. Surgeons from all over the world gathered to learn and develop this exciting and new trend in surgery. He continued to pioneer new and exciting methods and instruments for Colon Cancer, Gastric surgery and to train surgeons in many countries throughout the world.

In 1993, a pioneering surgeon from The Laser Centre invented the device for Hand Assisted Laparoscopic surgery and created the concept and surgery known as HALS (Hand Assisted Laparoscopic Surgery).

In 1994, Pioneering surgeons from The Laser Centre established The Laser Centre, 14 Hume Street, Dublin, to further develop minimally invasive surgery. This was established to:

  • Expand the speciality of minimally invasive surgery.
  • To use the most advanced technologies available.
  • To treat patients with serious medical and surgical problems that have failed to benefit from treatments already offered.

The Laser Centre Clinic is now one of the foremost Clinics in the world, specializing in Minimally Invasive Surgery. It offers the unique experience of early treatment of Sports Injuries, Arthritis, back pain, Varicose Vein surgery, skin cancer treatments, Haemorrhoid treatment and many others:


The Laser Centre also treats other conditions:

In 1997, realising the world would face a crisis due to CO� emissions, a Pioneering surgeon from The Laser Centre invented Gasless surgery. In Laparoscopic surgery CO� gas is used. The combined total of CO� released into the environment, from Laparoscopic surgery, in The United States is the equivalent of the CO� emissions from all cars in New York State, New Jersey and Connecticut. In Europe, CO� use in Laparoscopic surgery, results in the emissions of CO� equal to car emissions in Spain, UK, and Italy.
The new form of gasless surgery will have a major beneficial impact on the planet and will simplify minimally invasive surgery, considerably reducing the operative procedure time for all surgeons and patients.


The Laser Centre is soon to introduce the concept of Whole Body CryoTherapy for the treatment of:

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis of large and small joints
  • Cervical and lumbar vertebral syndrome
  • Tendopathies (tennis elbows, golfers elbow, inflammation of the Achilles tendon, heel pain)
  • Primary headaches, pain and stress processing defects (fibromyalgia)
  • Multiple Sclerosis, muscular strains
  • Blunt trauma of the joints
  • Psoriasis
  • Neurodermatitis and bronchial asthma
  • Muscular fatigue
  • Disruptions in movement coordination
  • Central signs of fatigue, burn-out syndrome, depressive reaction states and pain related chronic sleep disorders
  • General psycho-physical deterioration in performance and ability
  • Immune reaction disorders
  • Primary hypnotic circulation disorders
  • Loss of libido

This form of holistic treatment will, in conjunction, with proprietary laser treatment, change the way we approach illness and will stimulate us to prevent illness and cancer by modifying our lifestyles. Taking more control in striving towards a more organic nature and healthy life, rather than into increased risks of hospital acquired infections resulting from hospital based procedures.

The continual evolution of minimally invasive surgery at The Laser Centre, sets the blueprint for more modern and futuristic healthcare.



  • The Laser Centre recycles 99% of waste
  • All medical waste is incinerated
  • All paper/cardboard is recycled
  • The Laser Centre uses independent verification on screening with institutes such as St James Hospital, Breast Check at St Vincents Hospital, The Mater Private Hospital
  • The Laser Centre works closely with: VHI, Laya, Glo Health, Aviva, Garda Medical, ESB Medical




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